Here you can find out a little more about each of our Club roles:

Customer Assistant Bingo Caller Customer Assistant (Machines) Kitchen Assistant Cleaner

Customer Assistant

Our Customer Assistants (or Hosts as we know them) look after the Customers playing Bingo and during Events, and keep our Clubs running smoothly.

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Bingo Caller

Our Bingo Callers are up on the main stage our Clubs, calling the numbers and making sure our games are always fun, upbeat and inclusive.

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Customer Assistant (Machines)

As a Customer Assistant in our Machines area, you’ll be looking after Customers who play Slots in our Clubs.

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Kitchen Assistant

As a Kitchen Assistant at Buzz, you’ll play a key role in our Club Teams – keeping our Customers well fed and happy.

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The role of keeping our Clubs sparkling clean is an essential one, and cleaners are a valued part of our Club teams.

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“Working in a Club is all about being part of the team. Sometimes the hours can be long but the friends you make amongst your Colleagues- and your Customers- make it all worthwhile”