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Our Cleaners are our secret weapon when it comes to making sure our Customers always feel at home and welcome in our Clubs. Keeping the environment clean, tidy and inviting is something we value hugely.

We look for people who have an eye for detail and are good at those little finishing touches – clean light switches, door handles and well-hoovered carpets.

Those little things make a real difference, and they’re an important part of the job. We’re looking for people who see those little things as being really important too.

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Moving Beyond a

Cleaner Role

If you’re thinking about some work beyond your cleaning role, we offer the chance for our Cleaners to take on some of the Customer Assistant shifts – with some introductory training. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and support your Club team when they need an extra pair of hands!

What the role includes

Customer Service

Being friendly and helpful, and noticing the small things that will make the Club feel welcoming for our Customers.

Following Guidelines

Following our cleaning schedules and safe instructions for the products we use.

On your Feet

This is a really active role and you’ll cover a huge area in a shift – a great way of getting your daily steps in!

“You do get to see a lot of things in here, you do get to learn a lot. It’s good company, good life, good atmosphere.”


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