What is it like to be a

Kitchen Assistant?

Kitchen Assistants have a really important role in our Clubs – they’re the people who run the kitchens and keep our Customers well-fed and happy. Kitchen Assistant is a great role for anyone who is good at working in a team but also happy working by themselves; someone who has great attention to detail and can follow instructions well. You’ll need some previous experience in F&B. We cook to a set menu, so consistency and quality are key. You can check out our current menu here.

At busy times the kitchen is fast-paced and you’ll need to be happy to manage multiple orders and (not literally, don’t worry!) do some plate-spinning to keep things on track. You’ll need to be happy managing the ordering of stock as well as taking responsibility for waste management.

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Our Colleagues are passionate about their Clubs and Customers – watch our Kitchen Assistant video to find out more:

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What the role includes

Getting Customer Orders Out on Time

Making sure orders are prepared and ready to go out on time, even when things are busy.

Presenting Food Well

Plating up the food you’ve prepared nicely so that our Customers get a great-looking plate of food.

Following Guidelines

Making sure you always follow our Food Hygiene and Health and Safety guidance to keep everyone safe.

“Seeing the customers happy is the best part of it. It is never boring, I get to be everywhere”


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