Have you got

questions about working at Buzz?

We’ve put together these FAQs about working at Buzz Bingo to give you a bit more information and to put your mind at ease if you’ve got any worries.

From questions about the job application process to need-to-know info, we’ve compiled the most common inquiries to ensure you’re set up for success, and you can hit the ground running when you apply!

What should I wear to my interview?

Smart / casual but be yourself and be comfortable.

Where can I park?

Most of our clubs have their own car parks but it’s best to check www.buzzbingo.com/clubs to be sure – always check with reception when you get to the club to understand any local restrictions/number plate input etc.

How old do you need to be to work at Buzz?

There is a legal requirement to be 18 or over due to gambling laws.

How long will it take to apply online?

It should only take 5 minutes to complete the online application. The specific time frame will differ depending on the role you are applying for.

Are there any wellbeing services I can access?

Yes! Buzz has a wellbeing hub on the staff website and our colleagues have access to the Employee Assistant Programme (EAP), which is run by AXA health care, offering a variety of services.

Where can I go to get support with completing applications and interview tips?

Wherever you are in your career, interview tips are always helpful. So, for support on how to build your employability skills, head to our interview success page for great tips and advice.

How will I know if my application has been successful?

If your application has been successful, we’ll either send you an email or give you a call to let you know.

Will I need to show any documentation during the recruitment process?

We need to see proof of your right to work in the UK
For UK Citizens: Passport or Birth Certificate and National Insurance
For Non-UK Citizens: Passport, Share Code and National Insurance

How often do I get paid?

All our employees are paid every 4 weeks.