on your new role!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you in our Support Centre soon! And our Club teams will be really excited to meet you in one of their Clubs soon too.

As you’re working in one of our Support Centre roles, you might be in the Hub, in one of our Clubs, or working remotely on your first day – but we wanted to make sure you know what to expect.

What does my Induction look like?

Everyone’s start days are different and ideally we’d like to welcome you to the Buzz Hub in Nottingham on your first day, but we know that’s not always possible – and we like to keep things simple around here.

The Recruitment Team and your Line Manager will finesse the details with you, and confirm where they’d like you to be on day 1 – that might be at home just getting your equipment set up and ready to go!

Here’s a little overview of the key parts of your induction:

Your First Day – Getting you Set Up

Your first day for us is all about helping you to settle in; getting you set up and logged on. If you’re with us in the Hub then we’ll take you on a tour, get you your pass and show you how things work, but if not… we’ll do that next time!

Your Welcome Meeting

We promise we’re not a holiday company… but we do have a Welcome Meeting for everyone who joins us. Ideally this will be face-to-face in the Hub, and if not we’ll run it over Teams. This is our corporate induction which is where we tell you a little bit more about who we are, what we do and also how we all work around here. We will organise this with you and your Line Manager and get you all booked in – ideally in your first week.

Attending the Hub Huddle

Every 4 weeks the Exec Team deliver a Hub Huddle. This is their opportunity to share what’s happening in the business and how we’re performing. As part of your induction, you should attend at least one of these. Whilst you can dial in virtually – they are even better in person!

Getting out into Club

As part of your induction process you’ll be expected to go and visit a Club, and we’d love you to have a go at a game of bingo while you are there! It’s important to not only understand the experience we deliver for our Customers, but it’s also crucial you understand what’s involved in how our Club Teams deliver that experience, and how your role fits in.

What’s it like working in the Buzz Hub?

Find out more about life at the Buzz Hub:

Watch video

What might be useful to know?

See our FAQ’s below to find out all the answers to your initial questions.

Where will I be on my First Day?

We’d love you to be at the Hub, but we know that’s not always possible. Your Line Manager will work with you ahead of your start date and plan in what’s best.

What's the best way of getting to the Hub?

Link to Hub directions

What do I need to wear?

Our business is smart casual therefore please do come comfortably dressed to represent that.

When will I get my Tech Kit?

Ahead of your first day you should receive your Welcome Kit from us… a little welcome on board box of goodies, your induction plan and all your IT equipment.

In your IT box you should have everything you need to get set up and logged in.

If you’re not on site with us for your first day, don’t panic, your Manager will give you a call and walk through your IT set up to make sure you’re all sorted. If you’re on site, we’ll be on hand to guide you.

What will my first day look like?

No ones first day will be the same at Buzz because we build it around you and your team. Our aim is that by the end of that day you have your kit, your set up and ready to go and you’ve spent some time with your Line Manager going through your plan for the next few weeks.



We recognise that having a choice of where you work really helps your commitment and productivity, so we encourage Hybrid working if it works for you. But we don’t want you to lose sight of how powerful getting together as a team can be.

So whilst we love, and fully support Hybrid working, we also want to see your smiley face at the Buzz Hub or at other events, as and when you’re needed. We know how important it is to see each other in person sometimes, and we also really want to give you the opportunity to network and socialise with people around the business.