We can’t wait

to see you in a Club!

Brilliant! You’re joining the Buzz team in Club – our Customers can’t wait to meet you!

We know what it’s like walking into somewhere new on your first day (we’ve all been there too!) so here we’ve shared some information you might need beforehand, and a little bit about what to expect in your first few days.

What does my

induction look like?

We’re not expecting you to be fully in the know on your first day, so we’ve designed a 13 week programme to help you get under the skin of our business. In this time you’ll get to know all of our departments; not only how to do each of the tasks but also how you lead the team to manage each area.

If you’ve joined us from another Bingo operator you might have this knowledge already… that’s fab! If this is the case we’ll work with you to find out what you need to know, and create a plan with you. You never know, we might be able to learn a thing or two from you!

You’ll mostly spend time in one Club, but don’t be surprised if we ask you to pop over to another Club within the region. We know that we have real experts dotted around – and who best to learn from than those in the know?

What are the

first steps?

Once you’ve learned all the knowledge, we’ll then give you time to practice leading the team – we call that Buzz Conducting! You’ll be understanding the business, knowing your targets and focusing on getting your team behind you to deliver exceptional Customer Experience. If you can get that nailed, then you’ll be half way there!

We know that you’ll only be scratching the surface of what you need to know during those first 13 weeks but we’ll be with you every step of the way to keep you on track. At the end we’ll conduct a formal sign off; we want to make sure we’ve given you enough support and that you have the knowledge and skills you need to lead one of our Clubs.

If you’re ready… we’ll give you a set of keys to your own Club and then it’s really time to make your mark!

What might be useful to know?

See our FAQ’s below to find out all the answers to your initial questions.

What's the best way of getting to the Club

You’ll be told on your welcome pack which Club to go to for your induction, you may have been there already for interview.

Here’s a link to our Clubs page so you can find out a little more about the best transport links, where to park etc. Then there will be no stresses or surprises on your first day!

What should I wear?

Smart / Trousers | Jacket or Tie
clarify to confirm – Scott

What time do I need to get there for?

One of the team will be in touch to confirm what time to arrive on your first day. If you’ve not had that, do reach out to XXX to check.

What will I be doing on my first day?

Your first day is all about getting to know us and making sure you’re settled in. You’ll go through an Induction with us, complete some training and then we’ll get you out there in the middle of the action.

When do I get paid?


What do I need to bring with me?

Yourself and your right to work!
We’ll need to check your ID and right to work before we can get started.
Your welcome letter will give you all the info about what you need to bring, but if you’re not sure then get in touch with your Club.

Here’s a little more about your Management Induction

We’ve developed a Management Framework which we’ll share with you ahead of your first day. This provides an overview of what you’ll be learning during your induction period. The framework consists of 3 key areas:

About you & your Role

This focuses on ensuring you have everything you need and you meet the teams that you’ll be working with.

Leading & Developing your Business

Here’s where you get to know all the details about our Bingo Business. Not only will you learn the basics of keeping everyone safe, you’ll learn each department within our Club and bring out those presenting skills as you learn to engage our Customers and call bingo!

Leading your Team

Once you’ve got the knowledge we’ll then help you to discover what it’s like to lead the team. We’ll share with you how to coach and lead your team whilst optimising the performance of your Club to deliver its targets.

Feeling like there’s

a lot to learn?

There is, but remember we’ve already chosen you because of your prior skills and what you can bring to the role; see this as an opportunity to learn some new stuff and remember we all want you to succeed so we’ll be with you every step of the way!